BC Examples

Examples from BC and across Canada

Central Okanagan School District 23, Kelowna, BC

Springvalley Elementary Schoolwide Expectations (click here to download))

Casorso Elementary Schoolwide Expectations(click the links below to download each document)
Coyote Code – English[1]
Code Coyote en français

Chilliwack School District 33, Chilliwack, BC

Bernard Elementary SPARK program (click here to download)
Bernard is an elementary school that has sustained PBS since the late 1990s. The school has a high percentage of students from First Nations/Aboriginal Heritage, and their PBS system includes First Nations artwork and symbols to teach students social responsibility. This handout provides an overview of Bernard’s universal PBS system (S.P.A.R.K.).

Bernard Elementary SPARK passports (click here to download)
As part of their PBS systems, Bernard Elementary uses grade levelled SPARK passports to reinforce and acknowledge the positive behaviour of their students. These passports are completed as the students are recognized for their actions and are displayed in the school once they are filled.

Quick Scale for SPARK Behaviour (click here to download)
This handout is a quick scale Bernard Elementary uses for teaching the social responsibility performance standards when integrated into the universal systems.

Cultus Lake Community School PBS Handbook (click the links below to download each section)
The staff at Cultus Lake have generously provided their PBS handbook for sharing with other school teams.
Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct
Consequences: Flowchart & Procedures & Record Sheet
Thinking Sheets: (intermediate) & (primary a) & (primary b)
Expectations: Matrix & Teaching Schedule
PBS info sheets: For Parents & For Teachers

FG Leary Fine Arts School PBS Group Activities and Presentations (click the links below to download each document)
FG Leary is a fine arts magnet elementary school. The school incorporates the fine arts focus into its PBS systems. Included here are some songs, plays and activites. They have been kind to create “generic” versions for adaptation by other schools.
The (Any school) Matrix song
Pawsitive Writing Song(generic)
PAWS Problem Solving Play
If I had a Million Pawsitives(generic school)
EBS – Get to know your Staff
A PBS Christmas Carol

FG Leary has also added “online” as a setting in their matrix. Click here to see the revised matrix and the ways that FG Leary has outlined their expectations for being caring, cooperative, respectful, and responsible with online resources and technology.

Little Mountain Elementary School PBS Materials (click the links below to download each document)
Social Skills Training Program: social skills program
Referral to Student Support form: Referral to Student Support
Expectations of Behaviour/The Four B’s Matrix: Matrix Revisited
Gotcha Bees reward tickets: Gotcha Bees 8 final
Classroom Discipline form: Classroom Discipline Form
General Behavioural Expectations: 4B’s General[1]
Specific Behavioural Expectations: 4B’s specified

Kamloops Thompson School District 73, Kamloops/Thompson, BC

École Lloyd George Elementary School Expectations Matrix (click here to download)
An expectations matrix used to provide specific examples of Lloyd George’s school-wide expectations, S.O.A.R. Thanks to Susie Mabee for sharing this matrix with the PBS community.

Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District 68, Nanaimo/Ladysmith, BC

Quarterway Elementary donated this powerpoint that uses visuals and symbols to teach schoolwide expectations to students with varying levels of English literacy.(click the links below to download each document)
PBIS Visually powerpoint presentation

Click here to see Quarterway Elementary’s PBIS matrix.

Below is an image of the Quarterway Elementary ROARS poster.

Red Deer School District, Red Deer, AB

École Central Middle School BP-EBS Powerpoint Presentation (click here to download)
Students and staff at Central Middle School created this powerpoint to show how their school is integrating a bullying response program into their PBS system. Results show a reduction in major referrals since its implementation.

Vancouver School District 39, Vancouver, BC

Tupper Secondary’s Code of Conduct (click here to download)

District Resources

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District has donated these district presentation resources.

Pro-D Workshop: PBS Overview

Expectations Examples Slide Show

Name that Expectation Activity

Quarterway Elementary has donated these PBIS presentations, designed for a variety of audiences.

School Teams PBIS workshop presentation

Student Support Services PBIS presentation

Administrators PBIS presentation

Central Okanagan School District PBS Newsletter (click here to download)


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