Resources for Evaluating School-wide PBS Systems

With funding from the Ministry of Education, the Making Connections Group is supporting school district teams to create evaluation plans for School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) efforts.

Using the following documents, districts can create evaluation plans based on three core questions:

1. PROCESS: What are we doing?
2. FIDELITY: How well are we doing it?
3. OUTCOMES: What are the results for students, teachers, and families?

The BC PBS Evaluation Framework (click here to download)

This document describes the context and need for evaluation, sample evaluation questions and measures, a sample evaluation plan, and guidelines for creating effective evaluation reports for stakeholders.

Evaluation Presentation (click here to download)

This handout comes from a powerpoint presentation describing the framework.

Sample District Evaluation Report (click here to download)

This document is a yearly report of district PBS efforts and outcomes, intended to be shared with stakeholders and presented to the school board.

Tools for Evaluation

SUBSIST PBS Sustainability Checklist (click here to download)

This self-assessment and action planning tool is intended for school teams, coaches, and district coordinators to assist school teams in identifying next steps to enhance sustainability. It is based on the SUBSIST (School-wide Universal Behaviour Sustainability Inventory), a validated research tool for studying sustainability.

PBIS Assessment (click here for link)

This free web-based computer program allows teams and district coordinators to enter, view generated reports, and compare data across years for PBS decision making. An introduction to the site can be found by clicking here.

Team Implementation Checklist (click here to download)

This tool is a self-assessment school team checklist for initial steps of PBS implementation. It can be used to document fidelity of implementation and allows for easy action planning for next steps.

PBS Self-assessment Survey (click here to download)

This tool is a staff survey and needs assessment of features in place and priority for implementation. It indicates what features of effective School-wide, Specific Setting, Classroom, and Individual Student Systems are already in place, and which features are high priorities for immediate action.

PBS Leadership Team Self-assessment (click here to download)

This tool is used by district leadership teams to determine the next steps for district level implementation, leadership, and coordination.

SWPBS Implementer’s Blueprint (click here to download)

This document describes School-wide PBS and provides guidance for district teams in how to develop systems to support schools implementing PBS.

For questions about creating a district evaluation plan, contact Kent McIntosh